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  • Electricity
  • Cable TV, power and communications
  • Telecommunications BT
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewers and waste management

Working in partnership...

...with the engineering, construction and building industries to provide cost effective, viable and efficient utilities solutions.

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Focussed professional advice to emerging challenges at any point throughout a project.

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Civil Engineering Contractors

Tailored to meet individual needs, whilst co-ordinating valid utilities' works.

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Engineering Consultants

Assistance at any point from design, construction stage or at the concluding of final accounts.

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Optimum solutions in terms of cost and engineering, for both residential and commercial developments.

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Costs and delivery of any utilities' works are often the prime movers in the success or failure of any project

At ISU we strive to ensure success by providing focussed, cost effective, and viable solutions for our clients.

We constantly drive engineering and financial efficiencies at every stage of a project, aiming to meet the best balance between quality and cost; always allied to the appertaining programme of works.

Our skills are both utilities and engineering based and we are therefore, able to provide specialist advice on a full range of utilities' issues throughout the life cycle of a project.

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